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apeciallyquaiinecianuL'js.jjerii;iii-cd candidate. Age . Bi'lcm JOyo>L. ...
ftclaxablc for CfovPinment servants. Qualification* . EMrntial' (i)
At least second rlnaa Master's or equivalent degree in ChiinvHtiy
of recognised University. (ii) Abuut 5 years' expeni-ntt* of

u chin Chemistry. Copies oipublislicdpapriisf,houlclbr suLm-ttccl   Statii

t Commi"

in"   iviididntc-fi   othemi&L1 well

2     One Lingua  Officer, &}<ecp Breeding rind  jr^l ]irzclnctif>ii

i      i.hP,0TT.v   i GTHBNUI WUUIL-U (... ,  nulu .- -................lofis, Jiif?irt" Cr> K 1.1? fj A <ji ic'tltTa I Resfu rr 7,    Pc^tonRi-ffarch

reaefiichinbhem^ry.   - P  uallrat]C,11R xolnxnblr at Common i, &     (ncn-Govcmment)   &'dn of Counril.    Temporary up to 31-3-1058,
Js -videnc^o^iesearc^. Qu^.oithp^igp ^^^                        b?t_ukely__to .continue.    Pa,     Rs 600^0-1000-1000-1050-


5.   On& Assistant Director (Biol
Ldboiatory, Ministi
to continue and m
equal preference gi

l Scciicti), Fcteiit^c Scictir,
Post lempoiaiy but liktly

Ministiy of Home Affrtiis Post lempoiaiy but liktly
and made permanent eventually. Other thing* beiro
ence given to Scheduler! Castes/Tribes candidates. if such

lUGC  lino  llOf!
ai'd   txrcrirnced
,/cr (jfji-ii niiiFttt itJ7Yi/i
Diplcnin  m  Vrt'imai
Annual Ku?bamliy

equal preiBi-eiu-i-g*v<Tij. u ^.U^L---------------,  _     _                            ______________^

buitablo    candidates    available.    Pay Rs,60040100010CO     years exjcurrcc in pl-m-nic end Piipcivuionoi
insn_-IOBO110011001150.    Higher initial   pfty  to  specially     and extcrsioii   work   pertaining  to   phec-p  and


10501050110011001150. Higher initial pfty to spe
qualified and experienced candidate. Age  Below 40 y
Belaxable for Government servants. Quahficaticns: S&sitilial

rk   ij

Qualifications relaxaMe
dates othennso


11.10.    Higher initial pray to specially qualified
andidpte.    Ag>-   :     BL'Icm  45 je-ars     Reltfrabk
Yi/if.s, tjiirilif.i'rtf'uiit  :    Ef^rnt'oL . (\) Dourer*   or
iSceinic-  or  A^rirulttnv.    ln\ Training   in
&lnjtp husbandry.    (ml About five
i'c-t-ni^li programme
\rool  l^c^ L-lopment.
discretion in cu-e of candi-

e   fit Commission

inso1050110011001150. Higher initial pay to specially cational admuu&trative experience nnd about one year's teaching
mialified and experienced candidate Age : Below 40 years, experience- m Middle and/or High School. Qualifications relaxable
Eela-cabU for Government servants. Qualifications -. Essential  (i) at Commission's discretion m c?se of candidates orherwi'o well-

KeiUXUOW   JUT     uuvom.,^...    _-,---------       ^         rf    -       -                                                     ._______

At least second class Master's   or equivalent decree :n Mathematice.     quahfied
(ii) About   5 years' experience of research in Balb&ticp.    Copies of

_   ^

evident   of regparch.


published   papers should be submitted

Qualifications relnsable  at  Commission'?  discretion    in cast
candidate   otherwise  well- qualified.

7.    One Senior Lectiircr in Physics, Government Collcrje*
Poat tomp                                                  '


ne    e                                          ,

omporary but likely tobomade pei'mflncnt. Rceervcdfor Bche-
CdRtes/Scbeduled Tribes candidates if puch &uitablo perrons
"" " '  -- j-j ---------- ,i !>, . T5a enn _ sn _

14. Tun Aircraft Enamii^trs in ilie Cifil Adnt'^n Department,
Mintttoyr] Ccwn'vnicatici'f. Po:-t& temporary but hkely to continue
for indefinite period. Reserved for Scheduled Castes if such suitable
candidates available ; othei-wke tieated as unreer\-ed. Pay -.

piS_275__25500E.B-3l>050^E.B.30SOO. Pay  of Govern.

mEnl    ^L'll^-antf! will be    fixt'd in accordance with    runrlamental

,_______r...___     rules.   Higher intial pay up to 3 or   5 advance increments to candi-

'ay - Ria.SOO30     elates' pcpses&ing Aiicrjft Jiamtenjnce Engineers Licence in category

nvfiilnbln, ntherwiseposttreated aaunre&prved.

10.    One Terminal Offtco- (Compost Dttelvpineiif),    Post tern-
7 but likely to continue. Pny : R,"3.:27525uOUE.B.30

of established reputation m India or abroad.   Quahfications relaxable
8     One Senior Lecturer   itn    Chemistry,  Government  College,          Comnuggion's di&cietion in cos^ of candidates otherwise   well-

Afatr.   PoRttemporury but likely to be ma do permanent   Reeorved         ^f^d.    ^

for Scheduled Castes'Bcheduled Tribes candidates if fuch  suitable     1UUI

ieraona available, otherwise post   treated   as   unreserved.    Pay.          13.    Olil_ CJ^f Linclor, Svya, and\ anaspati Directorate, Ihnislnj

RsonO^0800     Higher initial pay to specially qualified and ex-     y Iotid   , nrl  Agriculture.    Temporary    but    hkely    to     continue.

Senced candidate.    Age : Between 30 and 45 years.    KelaxalU     ^       Ra.lbuU-100-180l.    Higher intial pay  to  specially qualfied

fwaovernment aervants     Qualifications: ^senfia? : (i) Fir&t ClaE5     aj expeTienced candidate.    A,je :     Preferably below    45    yers.

Master's or equivalent degree in Chemistry of recognised Umveisity.     Se1arafiL    for    Cvwnrtt   ^am,     Q'il<flrnt',* ;   Essential i

(ii) About 3 years'    toachina   experience,    preferably up to post.     GTaclimtc Of recognifa^d Lmveisity wiih adequate adrnmi,trative and

graduate standard. (nO Should have passed Matriculation or equiva-     esecut;Ve   espdi^e m   res-pcmaule position pprftrably m Govern.

knt PxaminaSon in Hindi.                                                                      mcnt department with mtnnatt- knowledge of the Sugar and V.aB

en         m n                                                                                                mdustriwin fll their aspects, L g   de\eloijment, grading and maj

0.    Two Junior Scientific Offers (Aeronautical tfwpfcire/ftiff)-          Quahfic^tions relnsaUe   at   CommMioit'o  dif-t-ittjcn    in

Defence Science Organisation, Ministry of Defence.  Post temp ormy.     Candidates othtivite well qualified.

hut likely to be made permanent.    Pay : Rs.2752D500E.B

30650E B 30BOO.    Higher initial pay to specially qualified

and oxperione'ed   candidate.    Age ,   Preferably   below   30   yean,.

Qualifications : Essential : (i) At least 2nd claSs degree or diploma

in Aeronautical Engmcoring of recognised University or institmon or

equivalent qualifications.                                                                           J?'~ ^ leVai'sccond class or Honours Dcyi\-e in Agriculture or Che-

dates.   Pay. Ra.1300601600 plus special pay of Ra-"'  P^r                    y,       jw,uor Scientific Offkcr& (Mechanical) Enginetriny,

month, higher initial pay tocandidate speoially W*** **&:.'     nef^' ic<ux Ofgnntstdion, JUit^iry ojD&w.    Post temporary-

rienced.    Age : Between 40 and 50 years.    RelavabUfor Govrrnn.ent    Vf'^^ ^cule permanent eveutuaUy.    Pan : Rs.it7325-1

wrvanto.   Qualification* :     Essential : (i) Degree,   m  ^chanical    but likelj 3h^0_B._30_8()0.   Higher  initial pay to spe-

Engincering from recognised University or   equivalen^|.    (iO About    oUU-J^fl{ified cllld osperi,nccdcandidatea.    Age : Preferably below

10 years' practical experience in maintenance and repair oi^heavy    cM^ qua                  ^ GoVem)nentaervunta^   Qualifications,Essen*

duty Primo Movers and Tractors,    (m) Familiarity with .* Pe'     *'Wf >JL<"L,Mt gcouud class degree in Jlechanical Engineering of -

rience of Machino Shop, Smithy Shop, Foundry Shop    practices and    fui ^>ax UniV(ir3ity   or  equivalent,    (ii) Research   oxporience.

knowledge of high-speed Automobile Diesel engines.   Qualifications     ^cocmaeu      reidX11blo tlt Commission's diacivtion m case of eandi-

relaxablo at Oommisson's discretion in case of candidates otherwise    Q^f^^^u.^aified.

_ ,,.   ..       n.w'                la    One Interpreter! Translator in Spaniuli, Ministry of External

11.   One At&tant Photographic Officer, Pufthwrfton ^".             "'   Temporary and likoy to continue     Pay i Rs.25Q10

MMatry of Information and Broadcasting. TemporRiy up to fWjj^sf^w plus auh foreign allowance as may bo
February 29, 1956 but may continue thereafter. Candidates soleeted 300-^L!6 Vowancea ttl-present admbsible at Mexico are Foreign
for interview may alflo be required to appear at practical and/or *a8*-^JJJ men8em if married and Rs.375 per menaem

SStSMfe*^                              *%^^^^^^